Betrayal comes in many forms.


Tattoo artist, Robyn Anderson, is left reeling when a break-in at her studio sees valuable artwork stolen just days before her much-anticipated gallery exhibition. Her studio’s trashed and her nerves are in tatters.


Following a brutal hold up, security guard, Casey Nankervis is suffering from PTSD. Relegated to basic duties, she’s also battling intense boredom. However, when assigned to security detail at a tattoo studio, desire replaces her monotony.


Although sparks ignite between the two women, Robyn is left confused and guilt-ridden. Nina, her girlfriend of four months, does not deserve disloyalty.  Casey is also conflicted: something doesn’t add up about Nina, but is she just jealous?


Betrayal is taken to a whole new level in this page-turner

from Ellie Spark.

© 202o Ellie Spark

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