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When age gets in the way...

Twenty-nine-year-old Margie Roberts is a successful financial advisor and part-time matchmaker. Her own romantic relations, however, are not a priority; she’s building a career and has an excellent chance at promotion — if only she could stop her manager from undermining and sabotaging her at every opportunity.

Recent high school graduate, Stacey Green is determined to follow her dream to teach yoga and open her own studio. Her father, an avid believer that a college education is essential, has other ideas for her future.

When the two women meet, there is an instant and completely unexpected spark — one Margie knows cannot be pursued. They’re at different stages of life, the age gap is too big, and if something goes wrong, she wouldn’t want to be responsible for breaking Stacey’s heart.

For Stacey, age doesn’t matter. She listens to her heart, not her head, and believes Margie should do the same. How can she convince Margie that age is only a number?