Love Under Fire.jpg

Kristin Clark, a beloved elementary school teacher, discovers the power of a single disapproving voice. Her lifestyle brought into question, and false accusations made by one student’s father, sees Kristin suspended from her position and her career in potential ruin. How can she win when it’s her word against his?

Ex Michelin Star chef, Taylor O’Connell, has sworn off relationships with women who aren’t honest and open about their sexuality. Happy in her unconventional day job, and rediscovering her love for cooking, Taylor is making small steps in an attempt to move forward from recent heartbreak.

When the two women’s worlds intersect, the reality of their situations quickly diminishes the unexpected attraction they feel for each other. Kristin’s need to be discreet, and Taylor’s need for openness, defies compatibility. Will the fear and ignorance of others shape their futures, or will they fight for the right to live and love on their own terms?